Billing Software

Billing Software

Our web based billing software solution system provides clients with a secure web based portal solution, which is accessible from their website for invoicing of clients, processing payments, setting up payment reminders and sending and/or viewing their monthly statement of accounts.

Our online accounting software solution provides automated backups, quoting, order processing, invoicing, email reminders, sms reminders, multiple currency payment gateways, product announcements, knowledge base, support ticketing help desk, various plug-ins and modules that are all fully customisable to meet a specific business billing and administration need/s.

For example, the billing system can be customised to allow once off and re-occurring billing options, which means that you can perform both regular billing, create payment plans and once off custom invoicing for bespoke services.

With over 75 different payment gateways as standard, you can pick and choose the gateway(s) that work best for you, whilst supporting multiple gateway options that can be used concurrently and/or integrated for fully automated payment processing, payment confirmations and refunds, thus making taking payments now much easier.

The invoicing software option also allows your clients to deposit funds to prefund their accounts with you, and automatically keeps track of and applies any overpayments to future invoices

Our system allows clients to deposit funds to prefund their accounts and automatically keeps track of and applies any overpayments to future invoices.

Since the solution is a cloud-based solution catering for the accounts receivable and payable elements between businesses, becomes easier in that simultaneously, we help enterprises move towards a paperless environment in which to work, meaning that on one side of the network equation, we enable businesses to place orders electronically and on the other side to get paid.  In doing so, we help our clients to improve and manage cash flow and improve their collections processes and practices.

The total solution provides clients with a complete view of their customers - from lead to order, using our online invoicing software, to receive payments and thereby improving customer service and cash flow.

The billing and administration system, being an all-in-one client management, billing, invoice software and support for online businesses allows for almost just about everything, handling key tasks from signup to termination, with automated billing functionality, provisioning and management.

There is also a number of standard integration modules which has been deployed for integration of a number of well known branded web-based accounting software applications comprising fully templated, easily customisable, modular extensibility, hooks and an API’s making extending and integrating easy.

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