Pay per Click (AdWords)

Pay per Click

Google AdWords campaigns are one of the surefire ways to increase the traffic your website receives, and in many cases, it is also the most cost effective form of search engine marketing (SEM). It is a Pay per Click (PPC) service meaning you only pay when the advertising results in a visitor on your website.

Just think for a minute…., how many times have you heard someone say “…just Google it.” The modern day consumer, uses the internet, and in particular, Google’s search engine to find information on products and services that they are interested in.

The fact is that your clients are searching on Google looking for your products and services every day and unless your website appears at one of the top 3 positions in Google (or at least on the very first page #1) they're going to do business with your competitors.

Now lets be honest, not all business will profit hugely from internet marketing, but if there is a online market, then using services such as Google AdWords is an excellent addition to an overall internet marketing strategy.

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