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Search Engine Marketing

If you want potential clients to find your website you have to do Search Engine Marketing. Just having a website is not going to be enough and lets face it, most web design companies only create a website, and they don’t give SEM or SEO the property attention it deserves!

Firstly, your website should have been designed using good SEO principals, which in short, can be summarized as follows;

  • Doing keyword research & a competitor analysis
  • Choosing your relevant keywords that you want to rank for
  • Write the site's content based on these keywords
  • Creating a title tag using the same keywords 
  • Creating headings which contain these keywords
  • Creating a meta description tag as a marketing sentence, also based on these keywords

Once the basics has been done then you need to ensure that your site is submitted to the relevant search engines, so that the Google Bots and spiders can come crawl your site and give it a ranking. Once that has been done, you might find yourself somewhere on Google’s search engine results, but in most cases this will be adequate, but not enough!
Your next step, is to use some form of paid search engine listings like Google Pay per Click (AdWords), which could get you onto the first page of Google in less than 10 minutes.

So now you have an optimized website, which has been submitted to the search engines and a few cost effective Pay per Click advertising campaigns.
The next line of attack is planning a broad internet marketing strategy, using a combination of the following;
•    Social Media Marketing
•    Social Bookmarking
•    Blogging
•    Create keyword rich articles and submit them to articles directories
•    Turn them into slideshows, videos, just cut out the audio and turn them into MP3’s and submit these to the relevant sites.

Each time you do any of the above mentioned, be sure to include at least two back links to the relevant page on your site. Why do this?

Because the more back links you have from different authority sites, the better your website will rank in search engines.
So hopefully you now understand that Search Engine Marketing is very important and something that takes planning and needs to be executed in well through out and pre determined manner.

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