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More and more clients are asking for websites that they can update themselves. This may be to keep website management costs to a minimum or maybe they would just like to add content on demand without waiting for a webdesign company to ad the content. 

Those clients basically need websites that are development with Content Management Systems, like WordPress, Magento, Drupal or Joomla. We also do OpenCart and Custom development in CodeIgnitor and Yii.


A CMS is basically a computer applicated that allows users with administrator rights to publish new content or to edit and modify existing content. CMS's have been aroud since the late 1990's and they basically do away with the need to manually hand code the website from scratch. Another advantage of CMS's is that there are many website templates out there to choose from, which again saves a lot of time and costs accociated with first doing design mockups and then coding the design.

The main advantages of using a CMS are;

  • More cost effective
  • Wide range of pre-development design templates to choose from
  • Faster development time frame
  • Easy updates, once one understands how the CMS works
  • There are many commercial "plugins" that one can use to futher increase the website functionality. No need to hand code new functionality. You just look for "plugins" online, purchase the ones you need, install and configure them
  • There are Thousands of other webdesigners that will be able to take over a website developed with a CMS, if the need ever arise to move your site to another web designer.

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