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Building a new website and having it launched as a successful outcome can in itself be a very challenging business decision and undertaking. However, building and creating a successful ecommerce online store takes the building of a new website "challenge” to a completely new level.

Creating an ecommerce website is involves twice as much work (and naturally twice the cost) and then you need to make yourself stand out from everyone else in what is already a “crowded” marketplace as your success is literally quantified by your sales and profitability.


To understand the development of an e-commerce website, we have broken down what is a typical design approach into three major component parts:

Website Needs

In this section we describe the core elements that form the framework of an ecommerce website. We will look at the need for shopping carts, web hosting, domain names, and SSL certificates and what roles they play in your website.

Accepting Payment

An ecommerce website is defined by its requirements to accept payment for a product or service. How that payment is accepted may seem simple to you as a customer, but getting your website to that point is not. We will look at the merchant account options, payment gateways, and the security associated requirements for accepting payments online.

Site Promotion

The most difficult task in creating an ecommerce website comes after it has been built. Your website cannot generate sales if it doesn't have visitors. However there are different ways to get targeted traffic to your ecommerce website and hopefully generate sales.

Firstly, designing an ecommerce website requires extra attention that a content driven website does not need.

It is therefore the attention to detail and other ecommerce specific features that can make the difference between success and failure.


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