Corporate Overview

Founded in 2010, Telsig is a high growth and privately owned company which offers leading IT and Telecommunications Consulting Services in Africa.

We are recognized for the quality and effectiveness of our governance technology, as well as for our extensive knowledge of the specific issues faced by African states with respect to telecommunications management at the national and international levels. The systems proposed by Telsig, in association with its technological partners, generate substantial additional revenues for many African governments, including Congo-Brazzaville, Central African Republic, Gabon, Liberia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Guinea-Conakry.

We support national Regulatory Authorities in their ongoing efforts to bring fairness, transparency and accountability in the mobile market and, particularly, in the management of licensed international gateways.

Our systems meet the standards and recommendations of the ITU, including those related to international-interconnectivity traffic measurement and revenue tracking

TELSIG develops world-class technologies; however, our vision is first and foremost African.

Our high-level professionals are well-positioned to understand the specific needs of African countries and the individual characters of their telecommunication sectors, from both a regional and international perspective.


Our Partnership Approach with Regulators

TELSIG forges strong partnerships with Telecoms Regulators that go well beyond technical assistance. Our mission is not only to provide cutting-edge technologies, but to pass on complete control to the customer by transferring durable technologies and knowledge.

We approach the partnership with our customer Regulators with a sense of openness and adaptability. We are fully aware that each Regulator operates in its own specific legal, regulatory, historical, social and economic contexts, despite the commonality of issues across most African telecoms markets

TELSIGā€˜s strength is underwritten by a talented group of professionals who are dedicated, experienced and visionary. Each one shares the pride of helping Regulators to make telecommunications a driving force for development in the African countries.