Interconnect Clearinghouses

TELSIG’s technologies and services have been developed to successfully address the regulatory issues that arise or may arise in an interconnected environment. Our engineers and experts implement solutions aimed at ensuring accountability, fairness, transparency and efficiency in the management of national and international interconnections. We build, operate and transfer interconnect clearinghouses that allow the Regulatory Authorities to base their billing, mediation and monitoring processes on real-time and comprehensive data collection and processing.

Traffic Measurement & Billing

Traffic measurement is a major concern for Regulatory Authorities. In a number of recommendations and guidelines, the International Telecommunications Union stresses the importance of measuring traffic flow for both the industry stakeholders and the Regulators. Access to accurate traffic data is crucial for the regulation of the sector. By providing accurate and detailed statistics on telecommunication traffic, TELSIG’s systems increase Regulators’ visibility over the sector and dramatically improve their billing/collection processes.

Revenue Assurance

TELSIG’s Revenue Assurance Services are integrated to its core telecommunication monitoring solution. They include a range of tools of proven effectiveness for the protection and optimization of the telecoms sector revenues. The goal of TELSIG’s Revenue Assurance services is to help the Regulator exerteffective control over the factors affecting operator and government revenues.

Fraud Management

TELSIG is recognized worldwide for its leadership in the fight against fraud in the telecoms sector. Wherever TELSIG’s anti-fraud service has been implemented, the disconnection of fraudulent lines translates into an increase in the volume of legal calls and a subsequent increase in revenues for local operators and governments. In a sound approach combining innovative detection technologies and multilateral collaboration, TELSIG’s Fraud Management Department works closely with all stakeholders (Regulators, Operators, Judicial Authorities and Police) to counter current and new fraud patterns.



Quality of Service Monitoring

Quality of service (QoS) is another major concern for the telecoms Regulatory Authorities. TELSIG’s team of experts assists Regulatory Authorities in the implementation of an effective QoS system, whether they seek a comprehensive stand-alone solution or a set of functionalities integrated into a broader monitoring system.

Spectrum Management

TELSIG offers Telecommunications Regulators a comprehensive spectrum management solution which includes two main components: 1) An administrative tool which is mainly aimed at telecommunications Regulators and fulfills a variety of functions, such as notification, coordination, licensing and billing, etc.; 2) A technical analysis tool which deals with coverage, interference, assignments and traffic.

Consulting Services In Regulation

The telecoms sector is constantly evolving and so are the needs and requirements of the Regulatory Authorities. Through its partnerships with many Telecoms Regulators in developing and emerging countries and its vast experience with international carriers, TELSIG has gained a unique knowledge of the challenges facing Regulatory Authorities in today’s national and global contexts. Our clients-partners benefit from our outstanding business intelligence and expertise when it comes to defining or redefining their regulatory frameworks and to adopting the right processes and technologies.

Market Analysis & Surveillance

The ability to monitor the international wholesale traffic market is among the many value-added services provided by TELSIG. Through a privileged access to the data of hundreds of major carriers around the world, the wholesale market is continuously scrutinized and analyzed in order to monitor compliance with national regulations on incoming international telecommunications.

Consulting Services In Regulation

In emerging and developing countries, the number of mobile subscribers has skyrocketed over the last decade. Most of these subscriptions are prepaid. With a view to protecting consumers, addressing security concerns, strenghtening the fight against fraud and facilitating the implementation of new requirements such as number portability, Regulatory Authorities seek a cost-effective way to establish a national subscribers registry. TELSIG helps them choose and implement the appropriate technology. We assist them in creating a robust and reliable Sim Database by deploying well-structured projects, ensuring a high level of coordination between all stakeholders and putting strict procedures in place.

Mobile Money Monitoring

Governments and regulatory bodies need to gain more visibility and control over the fast-growing market of mobile money (MM). TELSIG helps them acquire the best system to monitor compliance with regulations pertaining to MM and to ensure that all transactions are traceable and accounted for.

Network Monitoring

Along with the timely collection of accurate data for billing, fraud management and QoS assessment purposes, TELSIG’s solution also provides real-time monitoring of all the networks operating in a given country, including their national and international interconnections. This real-time monitoring system is complemented with smart applications and procedures that allows for the timely identification of any problem that may affect a network’s performance. Report and escalation processes are streamlined in order to minimize response time and ensure continuity of service.

IPX Clearinghouses

With 3G and 4G networks and IP convergence, the telecoms environment is changing rapidly. All the new protocols developed over the last decade were IP-based. The whole telecoms industry will eventually converge toward IP and this evolution will have a profound impact on the regulatory landscape. TELSIG helps regulators prepare themselves for these changes, both in terms of IP monitoring technology and regulatory framework.

Automatic Device Detection & Central Equipment Identification Registry

TELSIG’s R&D team develops cutting-edge solutions that allow for the detection and identification of all mobile devices attached to the local networks. We assist the regulators in the implementation of central equipment databases in order to successfully enforce regulations related to mobile devices, fight against mobile phone theft and counterfeiting, improve their fraud management processes and address security issues.